Greek Crisis Sparks Overseas Interest In Local Real Estate

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European leaders have found an eleventh hour agreement on a third bailout plan that may pull Greece from the brink of bankruptcy, although discontent about the conditions of the deal is rife in the troubled Mediterranean country.

Provided the Greek Parliament approves the urgent measures requested by the European summit, the Greeks can look forward to an easing of the capital controls that have strictly limited the amount of cash people can withdraw from their bank accounts. However, it may take longer to return to normality in sectors such as real estate, whose fortunes will vitally depend on how the Greek economy adjusts in the next few months.

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For those investors seeking to buy at the lowest possible level, Greece is an opportunity not to be missed. With volatility in Greek markets at an all-time high and set to soar further if it exits the EU, several sectors are showing fundamentals that are proving very attractive to international buyers.

Veteran investor and emerging markets fund manager at Franklin Templeton Investments said: "From a long-term perspective, there is an opportunity to invest in companies that are undervalued and provide good upside. There is a belief that if the government is not able to pay its debts, then the entire financial sector will be dissolved. However, if you look at the balance sheets of a number of financial institutions in Greece, you will see that only a small part of their assets are in Greek government debt. As the economic recovery takes place in Greece, the financial institutions will then stand to benefit".

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